7 Holiday Gift Ideas For A Truly Merry Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, there is so much to do. From decoration to gifts, you need to finalise a lot of things for this wonderful and magical festival of togetherness and happiness. 

Well, do not worry! We have covered the gifting part with this amazing list of ten-holiday gift ideas for Christmas. So just sit back with a cup of hot chocolate and relax; your loved ones will surely love these amazing gifts. 

Basket with Edibles & Goodies

If you can not decide on one particular thing and want to take things up a notch, then a basket filled with the favourite things of that special one is the perfect gift. You can get a beautiful basket from Market99, which is an amazing gift in itself, then you can fill it with some delicious chocolates and scrumptious snacks. You can also add some additional gifts like the latest piece of technology that you think the receiver will love. 

Decorate the basket with beautiful ribbons and shiny elements to give it the proper Christmas vibe. Baskets are perfect gifts for Christmas or any other holiday. 

Artificial Plant

This elegant and charming gift can be a perfect way to wish someone a very merry Christmas. Its luscious green and premium plastic construction makes it an amazing choice for a gift as well as a Christmas decoration. 

This artificial plant is an ideal gift for someone who loves the green and refreshing beauty of plants but can not take up the responsibility to maintain them on a regular basis. 

Mr & Mrs Mugs

Dedicated to the couples who want to make this Christmas a little extra special, this amazing Mr Mug & Mrs Mug combo will be a romantic and charming gift for your special someone. 

Both mugs have a charming design with elegant lettering. With premium ceramic construction, these mugs are designed with perfection by experts. It is truly an extra special Christmas gift. 

Stuff Toys

More than adults, kids love Christmas. It is that time of year when they get amazing gifts and treats. That is why while choosing a gift for the most adorable members of your family. It is a lot of pressure, but you don’t have to worry about anything; we got it covered for you. 

Stuff toys are the safest bet when it comes to choosing a gift for the littles ones. There are tons of options on Market99.com you can choose from. 

Cinematic Light Box

This one makes up for a great Christmas decoration as well as a perfect gift. It gives a lot of creative opportunities to the gifter and receiver. You can use its 100+ alphabets and symbols to create a heartwarming Christmas wish. Anyone will be more than happy to receive this unique and amazing gift.

Toy Robot Watch

Another product that can be a wonderful gift to any kid. This amazing toy robot can turn into a functioning wristwatch and vice versa. With its innovative design, it gives kids fun of two things in one. 

Kids enjoy things that allow them to be creative and unique. Well, this toy robot watch does the same. It is innovatively designed, which makes it a truly unique gift. 

Ceramic Nordic Vase

A gift should represent the receiver. This classy and beautiful gift is the most sophisticated gift idea. It is a ceramic vase inspired by the style elements of Scandinavian design trends. It has a beautiful ceramic construction and an elegant colour. 

It makes up for a classy and elegant Christmas gift. It will go great with contemporary style décor or even Christmas decoration. 

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