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Back to School Shopping- 5 Stress free tips for your family


As you think about getting your family ready for back-to-school shopping, you may feel like there’s a lot to remember and feel a little stressed. But, with a little planning, back-to-school shopping and organizing doesn’t have to be stressful and can actually be relatively care-free – maybe even fun for your family! When you shop at Market99. Let us share some ideas to get your family involved in the back-to-school process.

Get the Whole Family Involved

The process of planning, organizing, and shopping for back-to-school doesn’t have to fall on just one person. While it may seem easier for either mom or dad (or both) to purchase back-to-school clothes and supplies with little input from the children, getting the whole family involved is a good thing. Children will learn responsibility, the value of their clothes and supplies, and can take pride in being part of the decision-making process when picking out their items. As a parent, you get a little helping hand through delegating some of the responsibilities – an all around win-win!

Plan Ahead

One of the best things you can do to prepare for back-to-school time is plan ahead. For example, younger kids like could easily use crayons, pens, clipboards, and even pencil boxes that are in good condition. You can check out the latest stationary range available at any Market99 store near you.

Shop Early (But Not Too Early!)

It’s good to shop a little early, especially for back-to-school supplies. The trick is to avoid shopping too early, so your children don’t use up all the stationary supplies before school begins! However, shopping early will help you bypass some of those last-minute crowds in the store and will give you greater selection on the shelves.

Take Advantage of Market99 Savings Catcher

Just visit any market99 store and save your money when you purchase back to school items for multiple children, especially when combined with Market99’s already low prices.

In the Store: Divide and Conquer

When as a family you go for shopping, take the “divide and conquer” approach. Split the list and decide ahead of time what each of us you is responsible for. Take it from us; consider dividing up when in the store to help you get through your shopping quicker!

Hopefully you’ll find these five simple back-to-school tips will help make this year’s back-to-school season a little smoother for your family! What other tips can you share?

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