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9 Beauty Rituals To Be Followed This Summer

Sultry Summer is knocking on our doors, and we’re ready with the sunhats and lemonades but so is our skin, ready to break out and spoil our summer days!

It gets so hard to enjoy a pool party with the stress of getting a tan, clumsy hair and sticky skin. A beauty regime comes to your rescue in such humid weather, giving you the power to wear your favorite beach dress.

Market99 brings to you the list of all the beauty rituals that can save your pretty body from the scorching Sun.

Swear by Exfoliation

Exfoliation is the key to let your skin breathe. Summers make you sweat and collect all the dirt and oil in your skin pores, which you can get rid of by using a loofah. You can use a loofah on a regular basis, but on weekends- call in your girlfriends and revel in a full-body scrub.

Don’t say goodbye to moisturizing-

We often ditch all the moisturizers in summers, thinking it is a winter-only product. That’s where you’re wrong, sweetie. You don’t have to moisturize a lot but staying a little moisturized is important to avoid crashes caused by the dry and itchy skin. Opt for an aloe based moisturizer or
the one that has a non-sticky formula.

Switch to a herbal shampoo-

Ancient Egyptians used to shave their head to avoid the high-maintenance rituals involved in taking care of hair in hot weather. Well, thank god you’re not in Ancient Egypt and have a range 0f herbal products available to help you with the sticky dull summer hair.

Tea tree oil to the rescue-

Tea tree oil in the form of body wash, face wash, and soap is what’ll help you stay fresh, cool and well, a bit tingly. It is a natural astringent, and
has a beautiful strong scent that’ll wake you up before your coffee does.

Sun cream 24*7-

Even if you think it is not as sunny, do not miss out on applying sun cream. Also, the best time to apply sun cream is 30 minutes before you move out to make sure it soaks in. If you have an oily skin, do not skip on sun cream, instead, opt for a gel based sun cream.

Frizzy hair, don’t care-

Frizzy hair makes you look clumsy, the reason behind the same is the moisture lock that happens right after you get out of the shower. Use a conditioner, preferably a hair color special even if you do not have a hair color. Hair color protect products are good for the faded color you get due to sun exposure.

The best blow-dry hack

You may not like blow-drying your hair because it makes your hair turn greasy real soon. As soon as you get out of the shower, do not wrap your hair in a towel, instead, comb them with a soft bristle brush and blow dry the underside of your hair. This will dry your hair soon, and even help you avoid frizz.

Balm: always & forever

The biggest myth of summers is that your lips do not dry out, the truth is that your lips stay extremely dehydrated in summers. Avoid using matte lipsticks as they may dry out your lip-skin even more. Opt for a fruity balm to feel hydrated, and well a little sweet.

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