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5 tips you should embrace after moving to a new house


The process of moving from one house to another is a tedious task. The task of packing and clearing out your old space and then moving to a new house, unpacking and decorating a new home is pretty work intensive. People who are moving to a new house always feel like they never want to move again, or at least they may want to set up their home differently the next time around. So, we at Market99 thought to make your life easy by giving you 5 resolutions that you should totally consider while moving to a new house

1. Clear out the clutter: One of the most common realization during the process of moving is to know that you have far more than what you thought you did. And how much of it have you even used recently? Many people who are moving realize that a huge percentage of the stuff they paid to move should have stayed behind. Moving it wasted time, effort and money. It’s time to clear out clutter, even if you have no plans to move soon. You will feel better about the space you make and you will be ready when it’s time to pack things up.

2. Shop smart while buying furniture: We at Market99 believe that one of the common problems while moving furniture from one place to another is that the major pieces of furniture won’t work in the new place due to their scale and size. You can have a garage sale and practically give the pieces away, then have to spend money on new ones – or you can shop smart next time.

3. Consider the weight of furniture before you buy it: The fact the heavier the furniture, the better the quality is just a myth now and thanks to manufacturing and material advancements that we have seen lately in the market. Therefore, always opt for the light furniture for you to easily haul your heavy, giant furniture up a few flights of stairs when you are moving into a new house

4. Follow simplification and few applied design principles while decorating your new home: Set and decorate your new home like it’s a model home for you and live that way every day. That means that clutter has to be non-existent, everything is put away and every room has the right touch of accessories and color. Burn fragrant candles and enjoy your home! To have the best products for your home, you can choose from the wide range of Market99’s Voncasa and Donati You can decorate your home with scented candles that you can purchase from your nearest Market99 store ranging from INR 199, Flower bouquet for INR 179, Decorative boat for INR 199 and many other exciting products.

5. Paint and re-decorate the minute you move in: Decorating a new home needs to happen right away. If you want to do things like upgrading lighting, painting or replacing the flooring, do them beforeyou move in or right when you do. It’s far easier to get the messier things like painting and flooring done before you arrive, but if you can’t do them in advance, make them a priority when you move in.

For more such tips on home décor and home moving tips, Keep following us and keep reading interesting stuff.

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